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Hopefully this will be the first of many to use our own Free Crowd Funding System to use The Project Fund to assist in it's development, thereby creating more outlets where Zing members can receive Rewardicals.

The Rewardicals url above is an online version of an awesome global loyalty program, however there is a little known localised version which I want to tap into called Localvantia.

I am a member of this pioneering 20 year old American company that is trying to create a global rewards scheme that allows anybody, anywhere in the world to raise their standard of living starting with nothing.

This is being done by using a mixture of e-commerce, auctions and online games and now global rewards funded primarily by those who have money.

Currently there are is nowhere in the UK that allows you to walk in off the street, make a purchase and be rewarded with this global loyalty program.

As an individual I could just buy a shop and offer this reward, but any impact that I would have would be very localised.

Having traded many businesses during over 30 years of self-employment, most of which have been seasonal, it occurred to me that if I had a leisure based seasonal businesss then I could offer these loyalty rewards to people from all over the UK when they came on holiday.

Having spent a lot of time looking for suitable premises I have found the perfect answer, a medium sized hotel and restaurant with a small camp site attached.

Unfortunately, to purchase it I would also need to add my family home into the equation, something that I will do if necessary, but would prefer not to, hence the links to the Crowd Funding platforms at the top of this page.

In total I need about GBP600,000 to make it happen, half of which is already available and this pitch is to try and raise the other half, other than by the more traditional routes to funding.

I have instructed solicitors to start proceedings already and am going ahead with the purchase anyway, but it would be so much easier with your help.

If you are willing to help, I would be willing to offer a 10% point of sale discount on prices as well as the loyalty rewards. I would also be open to equity participation in return for larger donations.

Some Background Research

There are approxiamately 50,000 pubs in the UK according to the British Beer & Pub Association.

SOURCE: British Beer & Pub Association

Roughly 20% of these are managed pubs, 40% are non-managed (tenanted and leased) pubs and the remaining 40% are independent pubs.

Combined turnover is over GBP21 billion giving an average across the country of GBP437,500 per establishment, but this average is driven up significantly by the managed pub sector.

Our business plan aims for a turnover of around GBP500,000+ a year in order to provide enough profit for reinvestment and a structured return for the investors. The independent sector is generally outperforming the non-managed, and showing greater resilience in terms of closure rates. Attention to high standards and a spirit of entrepreneurship abound among independents .

We do not underestimate the scale of the challenge, pubs are closing at a net rate of about 21 per week according to the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).


Interest in real ale and craft beer, has grown in the past few years. According to statistics released by accountancy group UHY Hacker Young on 2nd October 2016 a new brewery opened every three days in the UK in 2015, taking the total number of breweries to almost 1,700 largely thanks to the popularity of craft beer.

Spirit choices, especially gin, will help ensure that the occasion-led and younger ends of the market are well catered for.

Premium soft drinks and excellent quality coffee and tea will be key to embracing the whole community. We expect customers who are drivers, non-drinkers or only occasional drinkers to be just as well catered for as those who are choosing an alcoholic drink. Coffee is the most popular drink worldwide with around two billion cups consumed every day and is obviously taking a large percentage of the leisure pound. There are now 20,000 coffee shops in the UK, with sales on the increase within the UK. Further analysis of the data showed Millennials (20-37) contributed to 50% of all the coffee consumed in coffee shops, bars or restaurants.

SOURCE: British Coffee Association

The latest eating and drinking news from MCA, shows that participation is higher than ever as a growing number of consumers eat out, just less often than in the past. Consumers increasingly flock to coffee shops and pubs for breakfast and show a willingness to increase their spend


The good news is that many pubs are thriving. According to a Barclays survey carried out in 2015, average pub turnover has increased 23% in the three years since March 2012, with growth driven by younger operators entering the trade. The number of pub operators of 25 to 34 years old has increased by nearly 25%.

The beer and pub trade is beneficial to the UK economy, contributing GBP22bn to the GDP annually and generating GBP13bn in tax revenue. It supports almost 900,000 jobs of which 46% are 16-24 year olds. On a local level, pubs boost local economies by an average GBP100,000 each per year.

SOURCE: The Morning Advertiser - Inspiration For Pub Success

Our Market Opportunity We understand the risks, and will be taking every possible step to mitigate these, but we also see many opportunities, and will be taking every possible step to exploit them.

We enter the process with the advantage of: Local pubs in a densely-populated areas.

A dedicated team of professionals with a wide variety of commercial and managerial skills.

Access to multiple award winning breweries and micro-breweries in surrounding areas due to the massive buying power of existing PubCo's.

Research carried out by PRS for Music found that pubs that provide music take on average 44% more money than pubs without music, rising to 60% more at the weekend. Live music was found to be the greatest draw with one in four publicans who reported increases in takings of between 25%-50% on nights when they have live music compared to other nights.


But, perhaps more importantly, live music pubs are where professional musicians typically begin their careers, developing their skills and craft before scaling up to larger venues. Furthermore, they are also where vast numbers of amateur (in the positive sense of the word) musicians first engage in music making, and often continue to do so throughout their lives. Beyond the musicians who play there, these small pub venues also play host to communities of fans, promoters and other enthusiasts. (Gordon 2012, Kirschner 1998). Small venues have played a crucial role in the development of British music over the last 40 years, nurturing local talent, providing a platform for artists to build their careers and develop their music and their performance skills.

Local pubs are an ideal stepping stone for musicians, eager to gain exposure and develop their talent before a listening audience. We want to encourage local developing artists to establish informal nights when musicians can sit in and play with others.